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Mini Crescent Moon Frame

Mini Crescent Moon Frame

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Ignite Your Creativity with Celestial Charm: Moon-Shaped Metal Frames for Weaving & Macramé

Embrace the magic of the moon and add a touch of celestial wonder to your next weaving or macramé project! Our beautiful metal moon-shaped frames provide a unique and sturdy base for your creative expression. 

Unleash Your Inner Artist:

    • Shape Your Vision: The crescent moon silhouette offers endless possibilities for intricate knotting, tapestry weaving, and playful geometric designs. Create dreamcatchers, wall hangings, plant hangers, or infuse celestial energy into any other project
    • Versatile Inspiration: Let the moon shape guide your creativity! Design a crescent moon with intricate details, weave galaxies and constellations, or craft a whimsical dreamcatcher featuring the moon as its centerpiece.
    • Beyond Macramé: Use these frames for wire art, string art, embroidery, or even as a base for miniature wreaths and seasonal decorations.
    • Perfect for Gifting: Share the magic of moonlit creation with friends and family. These frames make wonderful gifts for craft enthusiasts, bohemian souls, and anyone who appreciates unique and handmade art.

Available in a range of sizes to suit your project, these moon-shaped frames are ready to become the foundation for your next masterpiece. So grab your cord, yarn, or thread, and let your creativity take flight!


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